Essential Oil Distillation Services

Ranui Essentials provide Distillation Services for essential oils. We have a facilities that can accommodate up to 100kg of plant product.

Charge per Load (up to 100kg) is $180 inclusive of GST.

Allow 45 minutes per load, by the time you load your plant product, distillation (depending on the product i.e. Lavender 45 minutes) and unload the plant product.

Customers are responsible for bringing their own appropriate safety gear. A minimum for working in the Distillery is:

  • - Suitable overalls
  • - Industrial strength boots
  • - Gloves to withstand 100 degrees Celsius
  • - Suitable eye protection


Agreement: When you come to Ranui Essentials to get your essential oils distilled it is important to you bring the completed signed agreement before anything can be processed.

Download: Click here to download Agreement and Distillation terms

Please note: It is the customer’s responsibility to bring suitable containers for your oil product and buckets for your hydrosol (water with oil remnants).

If you would like to contact us to make a booking, then please fill out the details below: